Smokie’s BBQ Broken Arrow

Smokies’s BBQ Broken Arrow

Drive around Tulsa/Broken Arrow and you’re likely to see quite a few BBQ restaurants. Some are good.

Smokies BBQ Broken Arrow

Smokies BBQ

Some are not so good. And a few are REALLY good. Smokie’s BBQ Broken Arrow falls into the category of — REALLY good.

Smoking meat is an art. Not everyone can do it and do it well. At Smokies BBQ they clearly have the experience, love and know how to smoke good meat.

This family owned and operated restaurant is very attractive from the road. It’s a log cabin-like building on Kenosha. Not only is the outside very inviting, but the inside is done up real nice too. Even fitted with a jukebox from the 1920’s that’s been in the family for years. Thank you for sharing this with us Smokies!

The owner not only has the art of smoking meat down, but he’s also an artist. He’s put some of his art Smokie's BBQ Broken Arrowon the walls inside for us to enjoy while we eat his great BBQ.

My friends and I arrived Wednesday right when they opened the doors for business at 11:00. It’s a good thing we got there when we did because the place filled up fast. By the time we left there was not an empty table in the place. This spoke volumes for how people viewed this little establishment and it’s BBQ.

We each got the lunch special. A sandwich with your choice of meat — brisket, pork, sausage or hotlinks, chicken breast, bologna or ham. We were independent thinkers today — all of us got the brisket.

Two of the hardest things to smoke well are ribs and brisket. Hours of low-and-slow cooking at just the right

Smokie's BBQ Broken Arrow

Brisket Sandwich

temperature, coupled with the right rub/seasoning = great meat. You can always tell how good a BBQ place is by their ribs and brisket. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the ribs, but the brisket was fantastic. You can see the beautiful smoke ring in this picture.

It was light on the seasoning with just the right amount of smoke. They really want you to taste the great flavor of the meat, so they don’t hide behind a lot of seasoning and smoke. Perfect balance if you ask me.

Robin brought out some of the bologna and hotlinks for us to sample. Absolutely delicious. The hotlinks were rich and spicy and the bologna had great flavor.

My sides were the cole slaw and BBQ beans. Both were really good, especially the beans. Another tell-tale sign is how good the beans are. They were a hit with

Smokie's BBQ Broken Arrow

BBQ Beans

me and my friends. Great flavor and texture.

BBQ Sauces

  • Sa-Mokin’ – Sweet Championship Recipe
  • Ranger Creek – A well balanced sauce
  • Head Country Original
  • Head Country Hot – Championship Sauce

They keep all of these sauces on the table for you to try with your smoked meat. I tried the first three. All of which were really good and well balanced. You can buy a bottle for $2.99.

What trip would be compete without a tour of the “machine” that makes all of this great bbq possible? Robin was a great tour guide and was kind enough to show me around a bit. Shhh… I got to see the smoker! As a guy who has a smoker and loves to smoke meat, I

Smokie's BBQ Broken Arrow

Smokie’s Smoker

was ecstatic! This thing was chugging along like the little engine that could. It was made of concrete, which would be great for holding all of the heat and flavor in. What a great design.

Notice the bottom right of the picture. That’s the mouth that feeds this beast. It’s favorite food is hickory wood!

Honey, can I have one for our 16th year anniversary??!! Pretty please!!

Just in case you’re wondering… We loved Smokie’s BBQ Broken Arrow. It doesn’t look like they’re hurting for business, but a little more wouldn’t hurt. Give them a try. You won’t regret it.

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